Rachael L. Rodgers

Rachael L. Rodgers is “Josie”. Siberia’s feisty neighbor

Rachael L. Rodgers graduated from SIUC with a B.F.A in Theatre Performance in May 2013. In between training, acting in student films, theatre shows and commercials she started her own dinner theatre company performing around Southern Illinois. She then moved to Nashville in August finding representation with Talent Trek Talent Agency, while working independently as well.  Since her arrival she has broken into professional film. Of Sentimental value is her second featured role as a comedic co-star, playing the role of Josie. Currently, she is directing for Mel O’Drama Theater Company while still working on her acting career. She hopes the future to be as bright as her dreams believing that sky is the limit.  She wants to thank Princess Fumi and Chi Chi for the opportunity to be a part of such a whimsical film and wishes everyone the best of luck!