Jessica Garza

Jessica Garza is “Jessica” the nosy neighbor.

Jessica Garza was born and raised in Mexico City . Since she was little she has constantly been involved in artistic activities including ballet at The Royal Academy of London, jazz, and singing lessons. Her first professional acting experience was in a High school National Theatre competition where she played Sugar, in “Sugar” the musical. She has a BA in Theatre and a Master’s degree in Acting. She has worked as an actress, Stage Manager, writer, and director on several productions in Mexico including : Beauty and the Beast Broadway, Mexico; several Soap Operas for Televisa and TV AZTECA including “Hasta que el dinero nos separe”, “Pobre rico pobre”, “Secretos del Alma” and “Quiéreme” and over 20 theatre plays.  Since she came to L.A.  she has been acting in several  Feature  and short films including “Nighttime” where she was nominated for best Actress and “Oblivion” winners of the merit Award of Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Jessica is working on her next film Perfect Beauty shooting in Mexico 2014 and she’s working on her first album as a singer.