Inder Kumar

Inder J. Kumar was born on December 19, 1980 as the youngest of six (6) children to Dr. Vir Pawan Kumar Bhardwaj (father) and Savita Rani (mother). His father was a surgeon and politician;, his mother a Senator in their town of Beas, Punjab, India. Growing up, Inder was no stranger to being in the “public eye” and surprised no one when he began acting at the age of 6. He quickly appeared on stage and in Independent films that created a passion his parents learned was not going to subside. Even as a young boy, Inder embraced the opportunity to learn acting from those around him, including politicians, Bollywood actors, and the security personnel that guarded the family home. Despite the efforts of his parents and teachers from the best private schools and tutors in India, Inder left school in the 10th grade, put aside his acting and became a businessman. Throughout his childhood, he made the journey back and forth from India to Canada (where he stayed with his eldest brother) until 2000 when he relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota and became co-owner of an Indian restaurant. In 2004, Inder briefly resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before he settled in Indiana in 2005 where he currently lives, pursues his passion to act and work in Hollywood film production. He just concluded roles on Fast and Furious 7 and Captain America 2 Winter Soldier.