Derrick James Vargo

Derrick James Vargo plays the infamous Simon O’Conner, Jake’s troubled brother. In his very own words,

…accepting of all creative types, open minded to stellar projects, and possess a professional attitude about my work. I am disciplined and eager to learn.  All professionals I’ve worked with, have enjoyed the presence of my personality. I use my body as my paintbrush to create beautiful images that move others. Being healthy, unique, and positive are things that I pride myself on. Reaching out to others is my passion. My success thus far into my career comes from being myself and finding my own way. I’ve never had an idol and I don’t believe in having idols. I will ALWAYS be a leader. My head is set to achieving my own goals and becoming the person that everyone else wanted to be, if not better.

Derrick Vargo is an actor, known for The Last Man on Earth (2012) and It’s You Again (2012).