Danny Lee Ramsey

Danny Lee Ramsey played the muscle man henchmen in “Of Sentimental Value.”  I love acting. I have been in over 40 commercials, music videos and films in the past few years. I’ve won two acting awards in 48 hour film festivals.  My main income is from doing music scores for Indy films. I own a great recording studio in Nashville Tn and I play a lot of different instruments. I write, play, record and sync music to film.  My specialty is stringed instruments. I did 13 episodes of the HBO Cinemax series “The Erotic Traveler” and countless short and Indy films.  My last two projects were “Mammi Day” and “The Spirit of Mumbai” both partially shot in India.  I have a lead role in a feature  film shooting this spring.  At the moment it’s titled “The Blitzkrieg Below” but possibly this will be re-titled to “Mud to Blood”. I play a college professor with a strong military background who is kidnapped to decipher an ancient Sumerian text dealing with a drug made from human blood for an underground Illuminati invasion force. Of Sentimental Value  was a very fun project to work on and I hope you all enjoy it!